Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island, holiday destination where you find beautiful beaches, friendly locals, great food and an awesome holiday for you.  Pangkor Island or also locally known as Pulau Pangkor is an island off Perak state in Malaysia.  Located at the northern side of West Malaysia, situated in the state of Perak is this beautiful Pulau Pangkor.

The island is accessible through 10 minutes ferry ride from Marina Island Pangkor or 30 minutes ferry ride from Lumut Ferry Terminal in Perak.

Just love the beautiful beaches in Pangkor Island.  Nice sunsets and breeze along the beaches.  Fun time with the families.  Great seafood available here too!

…or for couples:

Great romantic getaway in Perak.  Enjoyed the short ferry rides and the beaches and activities that we get to enjoy here are phenomenal.  Simply amazing for a romantic beach holiday here in Pangkor.

Pangkor Island is good holiday destination for all.  It is fun and very affordable holidays for many.