Pangkor Holidays Places To Go

Pangkor Island is a beautiful island and there are may places to go, where one can enjoy numerous places for holidays.

Dutch Fort

Dutch Fort is a fort in Pangkor Island in Perak Malaysia. This was the place where Dutch used to control trade in Malay Peninsula in the 1600s to 1700s. Dutch Fort is also known as Kota Belanda by the locals. Also known as Fort Dinding which is located close to the Dinding River in Perak.

Dutch Fort was built by the Dutch in 1670 to store and protect tin supplies from the sultan of Perak. It was however destroyed by the local Malays in 1690. Re-built in 1743, guarded by 60 soldiers until 1748. The fort was later reconstructed by the Malaysia Museum Department in 1973. It is a monument and historical site in Perak. It was also given the ancient monument under the Antiquities Act 1976 where any person found guilty of vandalising the place and site cna be put into prison not exceeding 3 months or fine of 500 Malaysian ringgit.

Pulau Giam

Pulau Giam, a small island off northern west of Pulau Pangkor is a nice and popular place for snorkelling. Pulau Giam is popular for its beautiful rocks with crystal clear coast.

Pasir Bogak Beach

Pasir Bogak Beach is a beautiful blue beach in Pulau Pangkor, a place many go for swimming and playing. Fun banana boat rides are also one of the many fun things to do in this beautiful beach.

Pantai Teluk Nipah

Pantai Teluk Nipah is a sandy beach with nice shells and corals to collect. There are plenty of food kiosks nearby. A good place for holiday indeed.

Coral Beach

Pangkor Hill

Pulau Simpan

Teluk Nipah

Teluk Segadas

Teluk Kecil

Lumut Market

Lumut Waterfront

Mini Great Wall of China

Bukit Pangkor

Pantai Teluk Dalam

Bukit Ungku Busu

Mangrove Park

Tukun Island

Batu Bersurat

Fu Lin Kong Temple

Lin Je Kong Temple

Sri Pathirakaliamman Temple

Masjid Sungai Pinang Kecil

The Rahmat Maritime Museum