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Pangkor Homestay November & December 2018 Offer

Come enjoy the beautiful beaches, interact with the friendly people of Pangkor and enjoy the delicious local seafood in Pangkor Island.  Stay with us for a local feel of homestay.  Clean and comfortable stay for your November and December holiday.

Book in advance before sold off.  Rooms and whole apartment for rent in Pangkor Island.

Pangkor homestay for your November and December. Book your room or contact us now.

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Oct to Dec 2018 Holiday Promotion in Pangkor Island

Visit Pangkor Island and stay at GoPangkor Holiday with the fantastic June Holiday Promotion in Pangkor Island.

Book your June Holiday Homestay here in GoPangkor Holiday Homestay now for special rates!  Single bedroom can stay up to 2 pax per room.  Bigger rooms are also available for 3-4 pax at RM12 more only.

Grab your rooms now at these special rates for Oct to Dec 2018.

Book in advance before the rooms are all sold out.  Whole unit homestay apartments that can accomodate up to 13 pax are also available at super affordable prices.

RM75/night for weekdays Monday to Friday for each room
RM85/night for weekends Saturday and Sunday for each room

Special rate only applicable for 2018 and advanced booking now! Book online now!

Pulau Pangkor
Pangkor Beaches

Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island Holiday

Contact us for your very own June Holiday in Pangkor Island.

2018 Holiday Package in Pangkor
How many rooms would you like to book or enquire


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Pangkor Island Homestay

Pangkor Island

Welcome to Pangkor Island, a beautiful holiday destination off Perak state of Malaysia.

Pangkor is made up of mountains and roads are circles around the island, about 100km from Ipoh.  There are about 25 thousand locals living in Pangkor Island.  There are many international hotels and resorts.  It is made up of 18km square area.  A tropical island off Perak, the island is shielded by Sumatra.

Pangkor Island is located at the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. There are beautiful beaches near the island.

Pulau Pangkor Homestay
Pangkor Homestay

Pangkor Island’s economy are mainly reliant on fishing and dried fish products for the island.  Satay fish is popular dried products from this place.

Pangkor Island is a popular local resort in Perak. The island also supports an emerging fish farming and aquaculture operation.

For affordable and nice homestay during your holiday in Pangkor, contact us.

Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island Holiday

The beautiful sunset sceneries in Pangkor Island Holiday in Malaysia.

Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island Holiday