Pangkor Transportation

Pangkor Transportation for you to get around Pangkor Island. It is easy to get around Pangkor Island or aso known as Pulau Pangkor locally in Malaysia. Pangkor is a small island off Perak. It is about 18km long. One cannot bring in their own car.

The island is narrow and steep in certain area of the island. Most of the residents travel by motorbike, bicycle and cars.

On arrival at the Pangkor ferry terminal, there are many pink taxis and motorbikes waiting to ferry you for a small fee. Car rides with drivers can also be rented for a round island trip for RM50, depending on season.

Or one can take the mini bus taxi that could fit a family to go around Pangkor Island.

Rental of transportation for own rides or drives are also available near the ferry terminal.

Transportation by car

Visitors and guests can rent a car on Pangkor Island. The rental of the car is usually on daily basis, ranging from rm90 and above daily for normal cars like Protons, Hondas or Toyota.

Motorbikes are also available for daily rent

Many couples or individuals choose to rent and travel by motorbike or bicycle as they are more cost effective and easier to manouver. Rental of motorbikes ranging from rm30 and above daily. It is mandatory for you riding motorbikes to wear helmet.

Transportation by Bicycle

Bicycle can be rented to travel around Pangkor. Check the brakes, tyres, lights and systems of the bicycles before riding one as it most roads in Pangkor are steep. Bicycle rental ranges from RM10 or above daily.

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